photos by Lidija Antonović and Mariana Valencia


:: UPCOMINg ::


I'll be showing my new performance Yugoslavia in a shared evening with Jasmine Hearn at Danspace Project on October 12-14 | 8pm

Yugoslavia asks, What are we if we are together but not related? Do we transmit ourselves to each other? Yugoslavia is a personal "exhibit A" on transmission, relation, proximity, and blend.

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Stay Tuned for....

THE WOMEN AND PERFORMANCE JOURNAL "Covers, Samples and Shout Outs" | Sun, Nov 5 | Presentations start at 4:30 | Center for Performance Research


WENDY'S SUBWAY READING ROOM Evening hosted by Danspace Project  "Bouquet" | Tue, Nov 14 at 7pm | Featuring Ni'Ja Whitson, Mariana Valencia, and Yvonne Rainer | BAM Fischer, more info here