photo by Madeline Best

photo by Madeline Best


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All That Can Happen

By Guadalupe Rosales in collaboration with Mariana Valenica for “Always, Already, Haunting, “disss-co”, Haunt” at The Kitchen May 24, 7:30p

Guadalupe Rosales and Mariana Valencia will perform a sound and dance activation of Rosales’s new commission All That Can Happen, a Go-Go Box vitrine of SoCal '90s rare ephemera. This event is free.


Premier at the Whitney Biennial curated by Greta Hartenstein| June 2, 9, 16 at 8p | Ticket info

Valencia’s new performance for the Biennial examines the concept of site—whether personal, public, historic or fictitious—drawing especially on the social history of the west side and “village” of downtown New York from the 1960s to mid 1970s. Futurity is an embodied aural experience with the sunset as its light source. It carries with it the character of Star Baby, (a being who is born with skates for feet) who catches signals from the Star people and archives their stories in order to form a full fiction. She layers personal memory with interpretive stories, paying homage to the many queerstories that converge in the performance space. Be sure to bring your sunglasses!