(b. 1984 Chicago Ill)


2006 Bachelor of Arts: Hampshire College Amherst, MA.



2016         ORIGINATORS, ISSUE Project Room AIR Show, Abrons Arts Center, January 29-31 New York, NY.

2014         on the floor on the bed, Pieter Pasd; July 7 Los Angeles CA



2014       Sky Circle, Dance Roulette; Shared evening with Emily Wexler, Feb 12 Brooklyn NY.

2011       Legendary Children BRAZIL; Shared evening with Tess Dworman June 10-11 Brooklyn NY.

2013       Milk is a Mother’s Idea Brink at Dixon Place, shared with Hadar Ahuvia; April 17 NY, NY.



2017       Yugoslavia (mini in process), Food For Thought, Danspace Project, January 14 New York, NY.

2016       In the Break, Not Total Show, Artists Space Books and Talks, August 22 New York, NY. 2016

2016       Broken Record, Now and Then Platform, Danspace Project, October 15 New York, NY.                                         

2016       In the Break, Not Total Show, Artists Space Books and Talks, August 22 New York, NY. 

2015       Desert Water, lec/dem, Roulette, November 16 Brooklyn, NY. 

                 So Far So Much, The Women and Performance Journal, CPR, Sep12 Brooklyn, NY.

                 Dance Savings, Adult Contemporary,  Katie Brewer Ball & Lana April 9 New York, NY. 

                 Dance Savings, New Museum, (Temporary) Collections CHOREOGRAPHY Seminars, Feb 7 NY, NY.     

2013       ok do one Artist In Residence Show, Chez Bushwick; September 12-13 Brooklyn NY.

                 Future FOTO Movement Research Spring Festival; May 23 Brooklyn NY.

                Milk is a Mother’s Idea Movement Research Spring Festival; May 22 Brooklyn NY.

                One Direction Center for Performance Research; February 14-15 Brooklyn NY

                Guadalupe Zulema Victoria Susana Movement Research at the Judson Church; January 7 New York NY.

2012       Guadalupe Zulema Victoria Susana AUNTS together, Danspace Food for Thought; Dec 13 NY, NY.

2012       Visiting Florescent Beige Movement Research Spring Festival; “Push It Real Good” June 2 NY, NY.

2012       Visiting Florescent Beige BODEGA; January 28 Philadelphia PA.

2011       Empire Movemement Research at the Judson Church; April 4 NY, NY.



2013        Future FOTO Movement Research Spring Festival; May 23 Brooklyn NY.

2012        Visiting Florescent Beige Movement Research Spring Festival; “Push It Real Good” June 2 New York NY.

                 Visiting Florescent Beige BODEGA; January 28 Philadelphia PA.

2009       Lamina Dixon Place, January 31 Curated by Geo Wyeth NY, NY. 



Performer; MPA, Red in View, The Whitney Museum, Nov-Jan New York NY 2016-17.

Performer; Em Rooney, Black Lakes, Shandanken Project, Hudson, NY 2016

Performer; Kim Brandt, Untitled, Issue Project Room, May 22 Brooklyn New York 2016

Performer; robbinschilds HEX, Gibney Dance Center, February 3-7 New York, NY 2016

Performer; AK Burns, A Smeary Spot, Participant Gallery 

Performer; Elizabeth Orr Loss Lead BODEGA, April 4 New York, NY 2015 

Performer; Jules Gimbrone, Rooms Junk and Other Stuff, March 5-7 Geneva, Switzerland 2015

Performer; Jules Gimbrone G-LOC Issue Project Room, January 11 Brooklyn, NY 2013

Performer; Kim Brandt Dance and Process The Kitchen, June 6-7 New York, NY 2014 

Performer; Jules Gimbrone Taking Up Space Faranheight Gallery, June 17 Los Angeles, CA 2014

Performer; Elizabeth Orr Nicolas and Hillary, Thesis MFA Bard College, July 19 New York, NY 2014



Juliana May ADULT DOCUMENTARY Queens NY 2016

Lauren Bakst Living Room Index and Pool Pioneer Works Brooklyn NY 2014 

Marya Wethers Danspace Platform 2013

Daria Fain E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E

Geo Wyeth H A U N T S

Lauren Bakst MR at the Judson Church, Draftworks, American Glitter

Niv Acosta Bax Space Grant

Vanessa Anspaugh Fresh Tracks DTW, Danspace Platform 2012

Jen Rosenblit Fresh Tracks DTW



2016                 Artist in Residence, Perform(a) Festival; Oct 26-Nov 1 Skopje, Macedonia.

2016                 Artist in Residence, Kodenz Festival; October 20-25 Belgrade, Serbia.

2016                 Artist in Residence, AUNTSxDETROIT, August 2-5 Detroit, MI.

2016-18    Artist in Residence, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brookyln, NY.

2015                 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, New York, NY. 

2015-16           Jerome Travel and Study Grant Recipient; (New York) Ethnography conducted in Mexico City.

2015                 Artist in Residence, ISSUE Project Room; Brooklyn, NY.

2014-16          Mellon Fellow, Studio Subsidy at Center for Performance Research; Brooklyn, NY.

2014                 Show Box L.A. Studio Residency; Los Angeles, CA. 

2014                 Pieter Pasd Studio Residency, Los Angeles, CA.

2013-14           Artist in Residence, New York Live Arts. New York, NY.

2013                 Chez Bushwick Artist in Residence. Brooklyn, NY.

2010-13           The Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation Grant Recipient



2017                 Teaching Artist, The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought; Northampton, MA. 

2016-17           Co-Editor, Movement Research Critical Correspondence; New York ,NY. 

2016                 Teaching Artist, Communities of Practice; New York, NY.

2015                 Teaching Artist, CLASSCLASSCLASS; Brooklyn, NY. 

2015                 Guest Lecturer, The New School UNfashion class; New York, NY. 

2015                 Curator, No Total Weekend at Artist Space Books and Talks; New York NY.

2014                 Guest Artist, Series by Sarah Maxfield; Abrns Arts Center; New York NY

2014                 Guest Artist, Movement Research Sunday Process Lab, New York NY, 

2012-14            Founding Member, No Total reading group at Artist Space Books and Talks; New York

2012                  Founder and Editor The Rhinoceros Event Issues; Brookyln NY

2011-12            Teaching Artist CLASSCLASSCLASS; New York

2009                 Teaching Artist  G.E.J. Foundation; Stendis, Denmark



2016                 CULTUREBOT, Interview by Tara Sheena, March Issue. 

2015                 The Brooklyn Rail,  “What Dance Can Be” Review by Cassie Peterson, October Issue.

2015                 Art Forum, Loss Lead by Abe Addams April Issue. 

2013                 Emergancy Index, 2013 Performance Almanac

2013                 Interview by Effie Bowen for BOMBlog http://bombsite.com/issues/1000/articles/7265

2011                 “Legendary Children” A Conversation with Tess Dworman, Critical Correspondence