"See Hear Here"

See Hear Here expresses text through choreographic sensibilities; a fresh tableaux for performance. Whether you keep a choreographic journal, a book of notes, personal insights, collages or narratives, we will discuss how these manifest from page to stage in our performances and choreographies. We will engage in movement and writing exercises, where we'll zoom away from our introspective lens and observe each other in external more representative frames. We will converse about our sightings as well as improvise through movement in space together. See Hear Here is a method that reaches out with truth and care and was developed for Movement Research Summer MELT, 2017.

"The Movement of Things"

The Movement of Things is a class where space, bodies and objects are called upon to improvise. The class has been in research since 2010, and has been programmed in the CLASSCLASSCLASS (2010-11) seasons, in the What is Queer Performance? Festival (2014) and as a Movement Research Sunday Process Lab (2014).